Goodbye Hello!

2012-07-20 Photos taken on your last day at Primary School!

This is just to say:

Your Y6 production was fantastic,

Your leavers assembly GREAT!

It was great to listen to all the sweet memories, especially the Y5 memories: WW2 [you suddenly reminded me about that assembly where a group of you took the initiative to put a fantastic piece together], the ‘Mini-Teacher’-day on the day of the strike – where some of you took the lessons! Plate paintings, biscuits at my husband’s school in their Food Tech class, trips etc.

xxxIs it necessary to say anything?xxx
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Good Luck!

Y6 – You are going to have your SATS next week!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! I know you work extremely hard – last year as well as this year. I wish you the very best for the SATS! Remember what I’ve said last year about this year? You all will do well!! 

Goodbye and good luck

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To all of Y5 from 2010-2011: This is my final goodbye to you, but not farewell! Today is the very last day of the 2010-2011 academic year and therefore, thought to leave you with a little message. You all know what an absolute privilege it has been teaching you and I know you will be GREAT Y6-pupils! You worked incredibly hard and it is with sadness that I say ‘goodbye’ to you wonderful bunch of GREAT pupils.

Remember: you are all unique in every way and you all have a little something special inside you. That little something special will determine what you’ll be one day. You all can reach for the best – and achieve it -…it is all up to you what you do with that ‘little something special inside you’.  We are all different and have different abilities or skills, we excel in some areas more than others, but then again, others are better than us in other areas…for the reason of our uniqueness. Think what boring place it would be if we all were the same! But, we can all be the same in striving to be great! If you try your very best in everything, if you put in all the effort you can, if you live an honest life, you will do well in life.  Be brave, honest, positive, think positive, surround yourself with positive-thinking friends. Try new things and don’t always shy away from taking risks and think: ‘oh I can’t do that!’ Think different, think how you can achieve your goals in a different way, if it’s not possible in the way you think it should be. Have an attitutude of: ‘I CAN’,  instead of: ‘I CAN’T!’  Remember, we all make mistakes, but we LEARN from mistakes. This is how you LEARN.  Nobody is perfect. If you can’t do something the first time, try and try again! One of South Africa’s poets/writers – Langenhoven – once said: God created the world just like a knife and left it up to us to take it by the handle or the blade. This means, it all depends on YOU what you want to do with your life, what you will achieve. The world is your stage! Go for it! I hope you enjoy these photos with some of what we’ve done through the year. Remember as I said many times: This blog will never get deleted. It is your ‘home’ and feel free to visit and leave comments. As and when there is time, we can still respond to comments. Feel free to visit the new class blog too and don’t forget to come back here, there is still plenty for you to use in Y6! 

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Our Victorian Art

Do you remember Voice Thread, which we used in class during Autumn term to peer assess art work after our Victorian Art? Click the link and see if you can access our Voice Thread and read your comments [those of you who had a chance to leave comments].

The following images are about our Tweets in class during Autumn Term. Our tweets are all still there. Why not following us…tweets will get updated. If you are Y5/Y6, please ensure that your tweets are protected – in your settings – and also, when creating your account, create it only with your parents’ permission!

On the following link you can create your own Tweet-cloud. In Y5’s Tweet-cloud you can find the top 80 words – most used words.


Book Week!

Next- Robin Hood!

Sukhjaan’s Wordle

Jasmine’s Wordle

I hope you still remember the evil Tokoloshe!


Y5’s have worked really hard on their Legends. We almost published our very own book with our legends and for that reason the legends were not uploaded earlier. When we were almost ready, we were informed that we need to have at least three completed stories ! Well, we will then have to try to start early with such a project in order to get our work published. Please do make an effort and read these legends, they are all fantastic stories. Y5’s were really very creative in their writing and even Harjeet wrote about the Weeping Tufa in her story and Gurjeet, and a few other Y5’s, wrote about the cave!

We first looked at an Australian legend about the Bunyip and the Three Sisters, which is situated in The Blue Mountains. We then moved the setting to South Africa with the Three Rondavels, situated in the upper-Drakensberg Mountains.




Sukhjaan_The Three Sisters





Trishna_Legend of The_ Three_Sisters





















Blyde River Heads – also called the Three Rondavels or The Three Sisters – in the Blyde River Canyon. [this photo is large, you can click on it to view it large]

The Blyde River Canyon – the 3rd deepest in the world and also the greenest in the world. The Grand Canyon is the deepest, then the Fish River Canyon – in Namibia – the second deepest.

The Weeping Tufa waterfall, the 3rd longest in the word, in the Blyde River Canyon. A tufa waterfall is a GROWING waterfall. [no wearing away is taking place] You can only see this Tufa Waterfall when you go on a boat trip on the River Blyde. There is also a cave, which you see if you’re on the boat. I showed Y5’s the picture of the cave and some wrote about the cave in their stories!

The following video was created in Autumn Term…remember ‘The Cat sat on the mat’!? You remember the ‘silence’? There is too much work on this blog! Go through the pages – click on the far bottom of the blog on ‘older posts’ – to go and look at all your fantastic work completed throughout the year.


Y5’s have been working really hard on their ‘River’ leaflets. They completed it in Publisher and they all can be very proud of what they’ve achieved. Their leaflets have two pages and they were asked to leave one pane blank as it was also for a class display. We hope you enjoy their fantastic work!
Amani’s leaflet in PDF

Ajitpal’s leaflet

Jasmine’s leaflet


Arjun’s leaflet

Gurjeet’s leaflet

Jason’s leaflet


Jasraj’s leaflet

Gurpreet’s leaflet

Kiran’s leaflet


Manavjot’s leaflet

Harjeet’s leaflet

Ranveer’s leaflet


Manpreet’s leaflet

Havir’s leaflet

Sarjun’s leaflet


Trishna’s leaflet

Prabhjot’s leaflet


Sharon’s leaflet

Sukhjaan’s leaflet


Sena’s leaflet

Pavanpreet’s leaflet


Mia’s leaflet

Simran’s leaflet

Narveer’s leaflet

Kulveer’s leaflet

Prianka’s leaflet


Y5’s played around in Power Point creating their own animations. I do like Manpreet’s animation, as she also changed her slides’ background and filled her slides with shapes. Click on the links to enjoy their creations.













This is sad news. Tony Sale had a passion for the Colossus and was busy working on it to rebuild it. I saw him too at the Colossus earlier this year with our visit to Bletchley Park. On the video-link, at the end of this entry, you will hear/see him speaking.

Colossus computer conservationist Tony Sale dies

30 August 2011 Last updated at 23:48

Tony Sale, the brilliant engineer who led the rebuild of Colossus, the first modern computer, has died aged 80.

The mammoth project to recreate the code-cracking Colossus capped a career built around electronics and computers.

Most recently, Mr Sale drove the campaign to save Bletchley Park, where Colossus aided Allied code-cracking efforts during World War II.

Click THIS LINK to see Tony in a video, also where the Queen was visiting him earlier this year at Bletchley Park.

Get ready

Literacy Revision – basics to help you thinking about everything again – go through all the pages and links to revise more in depth

Click on images for a clear view, save it on your computer too – if you want. Maths revision – a summary only – go through the pages and links to revise even more

Have a nice one!

Going away for awhile…leave your messages and…wait…wait…wait…a place in the Southern hemisphere…it’s now winter there…quite cold, snowed last week, quite heavily at some places!  Winter normally quite mild, though below zero at some places! You want to guess? The flag will help you! [If you really don’t know and feel to give up…read the Twitter message – link on the sidebar]


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